3 Types Of Hitches To Consider

A hitch can be a very versatile addition to just about any type of vehicle, mostly because of the fact that it can enable your vehicle to pull anything from luggage trailers to camping trailers or boats. However, there are a lot of different hitch styles out there that all offer their own set of benefits, which can often make picking a hitch quite confusing. Listed below are three types of hitches to consider.

Drop Hitch

A drop hitch is absolutely vital if you have a lifted truck and want the ability to tow smaller trailers. A drop hitch differs from other hitches in that it does not stick straight out from the back of your vehicle, but rather drops down and then extends out.

The benefit of this is that you do not have to find custom trailers or jack a trailer up in order to attach it to the hitch. Another benefit to this type of hitch is that it is usually adjustable. You can easily raise or lower the ball portion of the hitch to accommodate a wide range of trailer sizes by removing a few bolts and rebolting the ball portion at the desired level. 

Retractable Hitch

A relatively new addition to the hitch market is a retractable hitch. These hitches differ from pretty much every other hitch on the market by being retractable when they are not in use.

These models come in one of two varieties: automatic and manual. The manual option requires you to reach under the vehicle and deploy the hitch yourself, while the automatic option allows you to do this from within the vehicle at the touch of a button. The main benefit to this option is that it allows you to have a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle without affecting the overall aesthetic of the vehicle.

Receiver Hitch

Finally, you should consider a receiver hitch if you want a highly versatile and unobtrusive trailer hitch. A receiver hitch consists of a frame placed underneath your vehicle that allows you to push the ball portion into a hole when you need to tow something. When you are not actively towing anything, the ball portion can simply be removed in order to avoid having anything extending out beyond the rear of your vehicle. 

The nice part about this hitch is that the receiver can accommodate other pieces as well to transport other types of cargo. For example, you can attach a motorcycle or bike rack to the receiver.

Contact with a company like Geny Hitch in order to discuss which kind of hitch would be the best fit for you and your vehicle. Drop, retractable, and receiver hitches are all good choices that can each provide a range of benefits.