How To Use Siphons To Infuse Food And Beverages With CO2

For those who are interested in creating beverages using CO2, one handy product to look into is the siphon. You will need to purchase both a siphon device and individual cartridges. These cartridges contain pressurized gas and are used to pressurize a chamber that contains liquid. Then, the liquid is released through a nozzle or the gas is vented and the liquid is then used by itself.

The Carbonation Of Food And Beverages

One of the best uses for CO2 is for carbonization. This is not only great for the carbonization of beverages, but there are many other surprising products that can be carbonated and taste delicious, such as yogurt. It is also easier to serve fizzy cocktails.

While carbonation is often associated with sodas, the sky is the limit regarding the types of things that can be carbonated. Things you should consider include:

  • Hot chocolate

  • Tomato juice

  • Coffee

  • Soup

  • Milk

Even if it sounds unappealing, it is hard to predict the effects that carbonation will have. Also, you can re-carbonate soda that has gone flat. The CO2 can also be used to make sparkling wine. White wine works better when creating sparkling wine than red.

Using Siphons To Make Deep-Fry Batters Crispier

Siphons can be used to make deep-fry batters more crisp. After creating a batter using beer or soda, a siphon can be used to aerate the batter. This can be used to make fried foods much more crunchy and delicious.

Making Quick Pickles More Quickly

Another strategy is to use a siphon to create quick pickles quickly. Quick pickles are a misnomer, since it can usually take several hours of marinading to create. However, the siphon can be used to make quick pickles in minutes. Red onions, radishes and okra can also be marinaded more quickly with the siphon.

Using The Siphon

Before using the siphon, make sure that the rubber gasket is intact and fits snugly over the lid. The cartridge is inserted into the siphon and is punctured by a pin. The container is then shaken to make sure that the gas is evenly distributed. The siphon is then held upside down to allow for the gas to push the liquid from the siphon. The direction of the liquid is controlled by the nozzle. The fatter the content of the liquid that is being used, the more cartridges that will be needed to use the siphon. Contact a company, like Terry Supply Co, for more help.