Concrete Decoration Tips For Business Owners

Are you a restaurant owner who is looking to improve the looks of your property? Do you want to create a social buzz and attract more customers by adding new points of interest in and around your location? Are you a do-it-yourselfer at home and want to try your hand at improving the looks at your business? Concrete can help you change your business's aesthetics and allow you to create new focal points. Here are some ideas to consider: 

Exterior seating: If your place gets crowded during rush hours, you could lose potential customers if the wait is too uncomfortable. If you have room outside, concrete benches will be easy to maintain and make the wait easier for your customers. Customers may be more relaxed while waiting for their to-go orders if they can sit on your benches and could be more likely to return if they know they don't have to stand while waiting. Look for a local concrete mixer for rent to ensure that you have enough evenly mixed concrete to be able to pour an entire bench at once. As a bonus, constructing a mold for a bench can be as simple as making a rectangular box or as complicated as adding individual legs and decorative motifs. 

Interior accents: If you use candles as part of your ambient lighting, you know that glass candle holders can be broken easily or may lose their coloring because of the candle's heat. Concrete candle holders are rugged and can add a rustic appeal to your table settings. Even a small concrete mixer rented from a company like Horizon Equipment Rentals can allow you to make enough candle holders for some time to come. Candle holders can be made with molds ranging from cake pans to cut-off soda bottles. Pour the concrete into your mold of choice and tap it to release any air bubbles. When the concrete is almost set, insert short votive candles into the concrete and allow it to set completely. Once these initial candles have been used, the leftover space will be the perfect size for a fresh candle.

Add sparkle to your project: Although pearl gray concrete can be dramatic, glitter from a craft store can add a new dimension to your focal points. After making sure your surface is clean, dry, and smooth, paint with a color that matches your glitter. While the paint is still wet, toss the glitter gently into the air so that it drops evenly onto the damp surface. Use a soft brush or broom to brush away any loose glitter that didn't adhere to the paint. If you want to protect your project, your local hardware store can help you decide whether to use a water-based sealant or polyurethane varnish.