How Screw Conveyors Could Benefit Your Industrial Business

When you are looking to get yourself new equipment for your industrial warehouse or business, you may be wondering about the different equipment options available to you. Screw conveyors are an equipment choice that can help you in many ways in your business practices. Get to know more about screw conveyors and the ways that they could potentially benefit your industrial business. Then, you can be sure that you have enough information to make the correct equipment choices and decisions for you and your industrial business.

Screw Conveyors Works With Fluid and Semi-Solid Materials

Screw conveyors are one the best ways that you can move semi-solid or fluid products or supplies in your industrial setting. Wood chips that are often used for food preparation or yard and landscaping purposes are easy to transport via screw conveyor. If you have a lot of loose bulk materials to move through your industrial setting, then screw conveyors are a great way to do so.

These Conveyors Have Several Discharge And Inlet Points

Another definite benefit to screw conveyors for your industrial business or warehouse is that they have numerous discharge and inlet points. This means that instead of just having one location each for the intake and removal of the materials they move, you can have several different points for this.

Therefore, screw conveyors can be highly effective for a variety of purposes. In food processing, this process can be used to produce ground hamburger. For agricultural or oil production processes, it can be used to move materials from one place to another. The multiple inlet and discharge points mean that more materials can be processed at a faster rate for optimum efficiency.

They Can Be Designed With Or Without A Center Pipe

Screw conveyors can come in different styles and may or may not contain a center pipe to help process materials. Those without the center pipe are known as shaftless and can be used to process materials that are sticky, wet, or sluggish to move. The lack of the center pipe gives the materials less to stick to inside of the screw conveyor and allows for a larger fill capacity so that you can move more of these otherwise troublesome materials to where they need to go.

Screw Conveyors Can Be Airtight If Necessary

Finally, if you need an airtight seal for your materials (whether they are food items that need to be kept at a certain temperature and away from outside contamination or your materials are hazardous chemicals that need to be contained), screw conveyors can also provide that airtight seal. The screw conveyor can be used to safely contain your materials, regulate the temperature and keep your products and your work environment as safe as possible.