Providing Proper Sanitation At Your Next Block Party

Block parties offer a great way for the neighborhood to come together and share a meal, but the mess left behind by the food and festivities can be a lot to deal with. Use this guide to help keep the block tidy and ensure proper sanitation throughout the event.

Rent A Dumpster

Rent a dumpster from your local dumpster rental service that everyone can use to dispose of trash and food waste. This will prevent you and your neighbors from filling up your residential trash cans, which can be a particular issue if your block party is held on a day that isn't trash day. If you rent one dumpster, place it at the end of the block, or if you rent two, put one at either end for easy access. Arrange with the dumpster rental service to have them dropped off and picked up the same day so you can ensure the block is clear and ready for traffic at the end of the event.

Rent Recycling Containers

Whether you rent a recycling dumpster or a few recycling cans, these receptacles can help to keep garbage to a minimum and improve your overall impact on the environment. Be sure to have signs printed up to remind attendees at the party to place plastic cups and silverware, aluminum cans and cardboard in the recycling containers, and place the containers throughout the event space.

Rent Portable Toilets

You and the other homeowners on the block may not be keen on the idea of having everyone use the restrooms in your houses, so instead consider renting a few portable toilets and a portable hand washing station. These can be placed next to your dumpster to keep them away from the main party area. Just as with your dumpsters, be sure to call ahead to inquire about same-day pickup and drop off.

Put People In Charge Of Litter Duty

Assign shifts for cleaning up litter throughout the event. Everyone assigned to a shift should be in charge of picking up and throwing away any litter from the party left in the street. If all the people assigned stick to their duties, you should be left with a clean, clear street at the end of the party. To keep everything fair and organized, create a sign-up sheet ahead of time, and keep the shifts short so everyone can enjoy the party.

Work with your local dumpster rental like TCM Sweeping and Disposal and portable toilet rental companies to get the items you need to keep your block party clean and sanitary, and give everyone a more enjoyable experience at your event.