A Brief Look At The Advantages Of Using Custom Corner Concrete Blocks In Building Processes

If you are creating a structure on your property, whether it is a small shed or large garage, chances are, your foundation efforts will start with concrete cinder blocks. The primary reason occasional builders, whether it is a homeowner or otherwise, use these blocks is because they are pretty easy to line up and straightforward to use to create a stable start to a foundation. However, there is one area where using squared or rectangular concrete cinder blocks can get tricky: the corners. Most occasional builders have no idea that there are inside corner blocks specifically designed for this purpose. Here is a quick look at why using these corner blocks are the better choice over traditional cinder block shapes. 

Create a professional finished look easier. 

It can be difficult to line up square blocks at the corners of a foundation just so in order to get the angle perfect and your lines as straight as possible. Because corner cinder blocks are designed with the angle built right in, it is much easier to place the corner piece and have it flush with the rest of the materials than it would be with blocks you would have to piece together. Because of this, the basic process of laying the outer perimeter of the foundation will be much more simple. 

Ensure the stability of the corners of the foundation.

Some builders claim that a a foundation is only as strong as its corners, and this can definitely be true. Just having two cinder blocks slightly off kilter can make it nearly impossible to create absolute stability when the structure gets built atop the blocks. With corner concrete cinder blocks, there is no discrepancy in the angle and no joint to seam together with mortar, which can crack with enough pressure or changes in the ground. Therefore, you can rest assured that the corners of your foundation will sturdily support the extended materials you build upon it.  

Avoid problems with a cracked foundation down the line. 

The corners of the foundation of any structure do withstand a great deal of pressure. Therefore, cinder blocks pieced together would be more likely to crack and crumble if they were originally pieced together with separate blocks. When using a concrete corner block, the strength is reliable throughout the block, which means you gain the benefit of avoiding problems down the road with a cracked, damaged, or crumbling corner block in your foundation.