Three Accessories That Will Optimize Convenience And Productivity Among Your Tow Truck Drivers

Are you interested in improving the convenience and productivity of your tow truck driving team? Following are a few accessories you can provide them with that should help get the job done:

Digital Work Tablets

An excellent way to save your tow truck drivers' and your customers' time during tows is to provide each driver with a digital work tablet. Each tablet would be loaded with your company's intranet and database systems so information can be documented and shared simultaneously throughout the workday. When a customer calls to request a tow, you can put the request into the system so your drivers all see it immediately and at the same time.

Whoever is closest to the area can claim the job in the system, and the rest of your team will know that the customer is being taken care of. When a customer's vehicle is picked up or dropped off at its destination, it can be recorded in the system. Your customers will be served more efficiently, your employees will be more productive, and you'll always be in the know.

Console Coolers

You can replace the middle consoles in your tow trucks with console coolers to help keep your tow truck drivers comfortable while they're on the road, so they will be less likely to have to make pit stops between jobs. Console coolers typically have the same basic functions that traditional consoles do, but their tops open up to reveal small compartments where drinks and snacks can be stored.

Some coolers require ice, but many can be plugged into the vehicle to maintain cool temperatures. The console coolers can be used by your employees to keep their lunches cool or to stay stocked up on the energy drinks they rely on to get them through the day. The coolers can even be used to store water for customers.

LED Work Lights

LED work lights are one of the most important accessories you can provide your tow truck drivers with to enhance convenience and productivity. LED work lights are portable and easy to use, and they will make tow jobs at night possible without sacrificing the safety of people or vehicles. And LED work lights tend to last a lot longer than traditional work lights, so you won't have to replace them very often.

Choose LED work lights that can stand alone or be hung on the tow truck depending on the elements and circumstances being faced. And push-button controls will make it easy for your tow truck drivers to operate the light in the dark.