Having an Air Compressor Installed? Important Elements That Should Be Included in Your Estimate

If you are looking to have an air compressor installed in your industrial building or warehouse, it is important to get quotes from a few different companies. Getting quotes allows you to find a company that offers a fair price for the work being performed. Unfortunately, though, not every quote has the same information. Most quotes include labor costs for hooking up and installing the air compressor as well as the air compressor itself. Here are three other important elements that should be included on your estimate. 

The Air Compressor Mounting System

An air compressor needs to be properly mounted. A mounting system keeps your air compressor off of the floor and helps to hold the air compressor in place as it is being operated. Keeping the compressor off of the floor helps the air compressor to suck in the air it needs to operate. Holding the air compressor tightly in place helps to prevent it from shifting or bouncing around when it is vibrating while in use. Always verify that the mounting system is included in the estimate that is provided for you for air compressor installation. 

Electrical Upgrades and Wiring Costs

When an air compressor is being installed in your warehouse or industrial building, electrical work may need to take place. Wiring may need to be added to the area where the compressor will be housed, and the breaker box may need to be upgraded to help ensure there is enough electricity flowing through your building to power all of your equipment, including a new air compressor. A great installation company will take a look at your current electrical system and quote you a price that includes any electrical upgrades that may be needed to install your air compressor. 

Transportation or Shipping Expenses

The last item that should be included in your air compressor installation quote is the cost of transportation or shipping expenses. Before an air compressor can be installed, it must first be shipped or transported to your building. Commercial air compressors can weigh thousands of pounds. This means that they can be costly to ship or transport. As such, it is important to ensure that this cost is included in your estimate so you are not surprised with a large bill for this expense during the installation process. 

Taking the time to ensure that each of these items is included on your quote for having an air compressor installed allows you to fully see how much it will cost to install an air compressor and how much each company is charging. This gives you the opportunity to see the total costs and accurately compare the installation costs from one company to another, allowing you to select the right company for your air compressor installation needs.