Purchasing Utility Trucks: Four Considerations

When purchasing utility trucks for your fleet, you need to do not only research but talk with your team about which truck bodies are most acceptable. Utility truck bodies can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so you must consider features like these before selecting one.


First, you need to consider the equipment that you'll want to have on hand. Will small cabinets be acceptable or do you need larger drawers to store tools in? If you're going to get a custom body outfitted for your company, ensure that you measure tools and equipment so that you have a clear understanding of what your truck body will need. 

If you'll be needing a crane or a ladder on your utility body, ensure that you discuss what will happen if your needs expand. For instance, if you get a utility body with a lift that only extends six feet, what will happen when you need to reach higher heights? You might want to get a body with more capabilities than you need at the present time; that way, you're ready to handle more.

Body Materials

Many utility bodies are made of aluminum, but you need to do a little more exploration to ensure that the body you select will be able to withstand the elements. For instance, look for bodies that ask for special finishes that make it less likely that your utility body will succumb to corrosion.

Weight Capabilities

If you plan on hauling away gravel or other materials on some work sites, you'll also have to be confident that your utility body can handle heavy weight. Find out the maximum load for a body before you buy it. Consider past loads you've hauled to give yourself a guide.

Storage Space

Equipment and tools might be your focus, but remember to ensure that a truck body has adequate storage space. Whether employees need to store additional tools or simply jackets or water, storage is key, especially on days where there is inclement weather.

However, you don't want to go overboard on storage space; it's easy for clutter to accumulate. Ask your team what they wish they had space for and think only with those needs in mind.

Your truck utility body is worth thinking about before you enter the shopping part of the process. Ensure you go over these tips and discuss with your workforce what you'll need in a truck body.