Why You Should Add Stone Gravel to Your Community Park

As the manager or administrator of your local community park, you are of course responsible for the upkeep and ensuring that the public has the facilities and features they need to get the most out of the park. While most people envision wide open green fields when they think of a park, there's another color you might want to have in mind right now and that's a much duller gray. Contacting a local stone gravel supplier could help your local park get set up with a material that can be used in a variety of different ways. Here's why you might want to add some stone gravel to your local park.

Stone Gravel Makes for an Inexpensive Parking Lot

Does your park have baseball fields or any other facilities where people will gather to watch their kids play in a game? If so, you might want to create specific areas where cars can be parked in order to ensure that people aren't just parking anywhere they please and potentially damaging the park's grass. If you have a limited budget though, you might not want to install a full asphalt parking lot. Stone gravel, on the other hand, is less expensive to install than asphalt and it will still do the job of creating a specific area that is clearly designed to be used for parking, assuming you put up a few signs directing the cars to go there.

Stone Gravel Can Cut Down on Lawn Mowing

You of course would like your park to remain green and vibrant, but there's nothing wrong with being strategic about it. By adding a few pathways or patches of gravel here or there, you will be able to reduce the amount of lawn mowing or landscaping that your grounds crew has to do on a regular basis.

Stone Gravel Can Offer an Aesthetic Contrast

If your park is nothing but green fields everywhere, adding some stone gravel could actually offer some additional visual appeal, simply because it will offer a contrast in comparison to all of that grass. You can even get stone gravel in a variety of different colors if you really want it to stand out or perhaps you just want to go with something besides a basic gray stone.

Adding stone gravel to your park is a cheap way to put a parking lot together, reduce the amount of work your landscapers will have to tackle, and offer some additional visual appeal. Contact stone gravel suppliers to learn more.