Top Signs You Should Buy Sucker Rod Guides For Your Oil Pumping Well

You might have already purchased a variety of parts and different types of equipment for use with your oil pumping well, but you might not have bought sucker rod guides yet. Basically, these are parts that are designed to work as centralizers for your sucker rods. A few signs that you should make it a priority to buy sucker rod guides are listed below.

You Have to Replace Your Sucker Rods a Lot

Sucker rods are an important part of your oil pumping well system, so you have to make sure that your system always has properly functioning sucker rods. You might inspect them regularly for wear and tear, and you might have found that you have to replace them more often than you would like to. There are different things that can cause this, but if you notice that your sucker rods appear to have been worn out due to friction, there is a good chance that sucker rod guides can help with the problem. Once you install sucker rod guides, you shouldn't have to worry about your sucker rods being exposed to a lot of friction, so this can make them more reliable and long-lasting. This can save you a lot of money and prevent your oil pumping well from malfunctioning.

You Have to Replace Your Tubing a Lot

Not only can your sucker rods be damaged by the friction that can occur without sucker rod guides, but the tubing can become damaged from this friction as well. Although it might not be overly expensive to swap out the tubing, it can be time-consuming. Plus, if your tubing wears out, you have to worry about holes and cracks that can cause leaks, and these leaks can be very serious. Luckily, with the installation of sucker rod guides, you should be able to count on your tubing to hold up better, all without having to worry about potentially devastating leaks.

You Want Your Oil Pumping Well to Work More Effectively and Efficiently

You might not have noticed any issues with your sucker rod guides or your tubing, but you might be concerned about your oil pumping well not being as effective and efficient as you would like. Alternatively, you might be setting up your well for the first time, and you might just want to get everything started off in the right way. Either way, you should find that installing sucker rod guides can help increase efficiency and production in addition to preventing damage to various components.