Selecting The Right Construction Tape For Your Jobsite Or Construction Project

Construction tape or warning tape can be used in many different ways, but the primary function is to mark off areas that are unsafe for people to be in on your job site. Getting the correct tape with the proper warning is vital, and working with a construction tape supply to find the right one for your needs can make things easier.

Tape As A Barrier

Often construction tape is put up around an area without a physical barrier, so the tape becomes the barrier or boundary. Because there is no physical wall or fence. People may walk under the tape, so it can be a good idea to put the tape around the area at several heights to create a boundary similar to a fence. 

Construction tape comes in long rolls that you can get at many different suppliers, so you can buy enough to go around your work area several times if you need it. The construction tape typically has markings to indicate a warning or to stay clear of an area where hazardous work is ongoing. 

Often the red tape is an emergency tape, and construction tape is often yellow, but there are also other colors available that can be used so check with the supplier to see what they have that fits your situation. The vinyl tape also stretches, so pulling it tight around a pole or other support is more manageable. 

Local Suppliers

Construction tape is often found locally at hardware stores and home centers, but both places may have limited selections to choose from. Contractor or industrial suppliers can be a better option because they will have more choices. 

If you need the tape for a small area and it only needs to say stay out or no access, you can often pick it up locally for a reasonable price. If your local home center does not have any construction tape, you can also order it online from most home center websites and have it shipped to you or the local store for pickup. 

Local Ordinances

It is essential to check with the code enforcement office or a building inspector in your area to determine if there are any rules about putting up construction tape around the job site. In some places, you may need permission to put up the tape that crosses a sidewalk area because it can force people to walk in the street. 

The municipality may require a walkway along the sidewalk wide enough for one person. They might require additional barriers to keep anything from leaving the construction area. Talk with the building inspector and show him the area you need to close before putting up the construction tape if it crosses public space to ensure you are not breaking any rules.