What To Expect In A Fire Department Command Board

If you manage a fire department, being fully aware of what your staff members are doing while on the job at all times is key to your department's success. You need to know exactly how to get hold of every member of your team and how to manage what they are doing for a safe and accountable fire management team.

Luckily, your fire department command board is the behind-the-scenes piece of equipment you need to keep everyone safe and to make your fire department more reliable than ever.

Learn below what a fire department command board is and what you should expect.

What a fire department command board is

A fire department command board is what it sounds like: the command central station board for the entire department. Imagine every fire engine, piece of equipment, staff member, and area of your fire department displayed via buttons on a board and you've got the main idea of what a command board is. This command board is your go-to location for quickly communicating with and tracking all areas and aspects of your department for swift decision making, employee and records tracking, and overall department awareness.

What to expect in a fire department command board

There are many things you can expect in a fire department command board. Here are some of them.

Individual department control

You should easily be able to focus on all areas of your fire department so you don't have to alert all areas at once. This allows you to control teams individually.

Whole-team or individual-person alerts

The right fire department command board will have enough control buttons to let you alert or track whole team members or just contact or track individuals. If your command board does not have enough buttons in the panel, it can be modified to meet your needs.

Itemized alert notices

Emergency, contact, tracking, and communicative alerts should all be available on your fire department command board. You need to be able to universally signal your fire department team without having to individually contact everyone so you can have better understanding and communication throughout your team.

A fire department command board has one main goal: to efficiently and safely operate a whole department. If your current command board isn't meeting this need, it's in need of an upgrade or replacement so it can. Your fire department's safety and efficiency rely on it and your command.