Keeping Your Cooling Towers Clean: Methods Based On The Size Of Your Cooling Towers And What To Expect

When most people think of cooling towers, they think of the hyperboloid towers that are responsible for cooling nuclear power plants. These massive towers are iconic symbols of the nuclear age, but they are not the only cooling towers in the world. In fact, cooling towers come in all shapes and sizes, not just the massive cones associated with nuclear power. Regardless of what size cooling towers your building or property has, these towers need to be kept clean.

Your First DIY Homeowner Repair - Installing A New Toilet Flushing Kit

This is your first home and, while the previous owners took good care of it, you're starting to uncover little problems. The toilet keeps running after it's flushed until you jiggle the handle. This is a good way to get your "feet wet" with your first DIY project. Replacing the toilet flushing mechanism takes about an hour with simple household tools. Here is what you need to know to do this project and have your first DIY homeowner project scratched off of your list.

The Basics Of An Injection Mold ~ Where Recycled Plastics Become New Products

Many who are environmentally conscious practice recycling to support better use of our resources. Plastics are one of those frequently recycled products. You may wonder what actually happens to all those jugs, bottles and plastic containers you tote to the curb in your recycle tub.  One way that waste plastic is recycled back into circulation is through melting it down to produce new products. That process is called injection molding. To help you better appreciate recycling your plastic waste, here are the basics of the injection molding process.

How To Clean A Swimming Pool That That Is Overgrown With Green Algae

If you have a residential swimming pool that has been inundated by stormwater or wastewater or has been neglected and is green with algae, it will be necessary to clean your pool manually. Merely adding chlorine will not be able to clean a pool that is overgrown with green algae. Here are the steps to take to thoroughly clean a swimming pool that is green with algae:    Brush Algae From Sides of the Pool - With a coarse brush on a long handle, brush all visible algae off the sides of the swimming pool.

Three Things You Need To Know About Cartridge Heaters And Why

If you have just been assigned to the task of ordering cartridge heaters for your factory, there are a few things you should know about these heating elements first. Not all cartridge heaters are the same, and to the untrained eye, they look like they are. Knowing how to tell one type of heating cartridge apart from another may mean the difference between igniting the furnace and causing a minor explosion.